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Interactive: How Obama's Civilian Drone Death Claims Stack Up (They Don't) - ProPublica

In an effort to minimize official civilian death tolls from these strikes, in which hundreds of innocent people have been killed in Pakistan alone, several administration officials told the Times that the administration is effectively counting “all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants,” barring “explicit” posthumous intelligence proving their innocence.


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So you mean to tell me that if some 18+ year old is in a room arguing against militarism with a true militant at the time of a drone strike, they’re instantly a militant? I think something’s wrong there…

US declassifies counterterror military campaigns in Yemen and Somalia; no mention of drones - Washington Post


Phone Hacking Scandal News Round-Up:
Above: The Times, a Murdoch-owned paper, prints editorial cartoon chiding British media for excessive coverage of phone hacking scandal; Murdoch’s The Sun makes similar statement.
“Fatal” Mistake: Former News of the World editor Colin Myler and former News international legal manager Tom Crone release joint statement alleging James Murdoch mislead parliamentary committee over breadth of knowledge concerning payment to phone hacking victim Gordon Taylor, was made aware of the “for Neville” email containing hacked telephone messages; Murdoch: “I stand by my statement to the select committee”; MP Tom Watson: “If Myler + Crone are right, it shows Murdoch was engaged in a cover up”; statement “could prove fatal” to James Murdoch’s career.
Political Statements: Lib Dems leader and Deputy PM Nick Clegg speaks out, calls scandal “a once-in-a-generation opportunity to really clean up the murky practices”; Ed Miliband: We must “ensure the kind of events we have seen don’t happen again.”
Other Developments: News of the World reportedly put lawyers representing phone hacking victims under surveillance; court documents suggest other newspapers may have engaged the services of convicted phone hacker Glenn Mulcaire; The Sun’s Matt Nixson out as features editor for alleged “misconduct” during his time at News of the World.
Below: The Rebekah Brooks version of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”:

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