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Syria Says It Won’t Use Chemical Arms to Stop Rebellion - NY Times

BEIRUT, Lebanon — With street battles still flaring in Syria’s two main cities, the Syrian government said on Monday that its forces would never use chemical weapons in its domestic conflict, describing them as outside the bounds of the kind of guerrilla warfare they are fighting…

Mr. Makdissi said all the attention focused on the chemical weapons — also referred to as weapons of mass destruction — ‘aims to justify and prepare the international community’s military intervention in Syria under the false pretext of W.M.D.’”

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"The last people who should be in charge of our food supply or our social and political life, not to mention the welfare of sick children, are corporate capitalists and Wall Street speculators. But none of this is going to change until we turn our backs on the wider society, denounce the orthodoxies peddled in our universities and in the press by corporate apologists and construct our opposition to the corporate state from the ground up. It will not be easy. It will take time. And it will require us to accept the status of social and political pariahs, especially as the lunatic fringe of our political establishment steadily gains power as the crisis mounts. The corporate state has nothing to offer the left or the right but fear. It uses fear to turn the population into passive accomplices. And as long as we remain afraid, or believe that the formal mechanisms of power can actually bring us real reform, nothing will change."

- Chris Hedges (via azspot)

(via azspot)